Real Estate

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At Zanella, Boath & Associates LLC in Stratford, CT, our services cover a wide range of legal issues. Among these are legal matters regarding real estate. Contact Us

Real Estate

We provide representation in all commercial and residential real estate matters, from purchase, to refinance to, sale. We also draft purchase agreements and leases as well as review prepared forms to make sure they protect our clients’ best interests. Our dedicated team helps clients dealing with shoddy construction, mechanic’s liens, and builders who don’t finish the job. As attorneys, we believe that our clients should get what they pay for.

We will ensure that the real estate professional your hire to assist with the sale or purchase of your home keeps the promises that were made to you and does all of the things that are necessary to get your transaction to the finish line. However, if you fall victim to a shady sales agent or a seller who looking to pull as fast one by not disclosing a material flaw in the property you are buying, rest assured that we be there to help. Many lawyers that handle only real estate will not go to court-we do and we will go to court to fight for your rights.

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For many people, real estate is the most important and expensive investment they have. Ensuring a smooth transition is only a small piece of the puzzle; avoiding title disputes and litigation comes with knowledge and experience. Don’t rely on the fact that a contract is “standard” to mean that it will be best for your transaction. To discuss your real estate transaction and find out how we can get results for you, do not hesitate to call us at  (203) 386-1411 . You can also send us an e-mail.